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Should I Have My Home Water Tested?

As per the EPA Agency the answer to this question depends on several factors. It concerns your health and the health of your family, so you need to know some basic facts.

Water Testing miami

Most water systems test for lead as a regular part of water monitoring. These tests give a system-wide picture, but do not reflect conditions at a specific household faucet. If you want to know if your home’s drinking water contains unsafe levels of lead, have your water tested. Testing is the only way to confirm if lead is present or absent.

What is GroundWater ?

Due to its protected location underground, most ground water is naturally clean and free of contaminants. Unfortunately, Florida's aquifers can become contaminated by chemicals and microbes that can cause illness. Bacteria and nitrate can reach the ground water and wells through poorly maintained septic systems, livestock areas and fertilizer application, or as a result of poorly constructed wells. Chemicals can enter into the ground water from leaking gasoline storage tanks, pesticide applications, landfills, and improper disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes. As a private well owner, you should be aware of these potential risks to the ground water and your household water supply.

While bacteria and nitrate are the most common threats to your drinking water, your water well may also be susceptible to other contaminants. 

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